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Luxury shopping in London

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Christmas may be over but with the January sales and new spring lines being introduced once those are over, it’s still a good time to go shopping.

I always like to buy the best I can reasonably afford, rather than buying lots of cheaper items. I’d rather buy a good pair of Harry’s shoes than three less costly ones – a false economy as quality lasts.

Just before Christmas I was asked by Air Charter Service to give my thoughts and suggestions as to some good places to stop and shop in London.

Choosing the right bedside alarm clock

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

UntitledThose of you who watched the excellent BBC2 documentary ‘Claridges’ just before Christmas may remember the scene in the second episode where the management team had a committee of six to choose the new bedside alarm clocks for the rooms.  They say the best type of committee is a committee of one, and when it came to selecting a new alarm clock for my guest bedroom, I very quickly chose this one from  It is simple, easy to read and set the alarm, as well as having glow in the dark hands, so you can read it once the light has gone out.

Having returned recently from China, the hotels I stayed in had bedside clocks that were so difficult to operate – when you are climbing into bed you want simplicity, not a battle with something that could quite possibly take over the world if you pressed the wrong button.

The clock comes in many different colours, but to match the light, earthy tones of the Hanson Towers guest suite, I have chosen the ivory model.  The first set of guests to use the clock gave it good feedback, so I am pleased it passes wider approval, and not just my committee of one.